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Today's Amazon Gold Box deals of the day include a collection of Thermos containers on sale up to 30% off. The containers vary from 10 to 40 ounces. Some are tall and narrow and made for beverages. Some are made wide for storing food. This 24-ounce stainless steel Thermos King food jar, for example, is only $20 today. For the last month it has sold for $25. Even when it did fluctuate in the past, it never had a direct price drop to $20.

The Thermos King food jar is designed to stay cool with hot foods inside and prevent condensation with cold food. It uses vacuum insulation so whatever's hot will stay hot and whatever's cold will stay cold for several hours. The top of the jar is designed as a serving bowl, so you can pour from the Thermos into the bowl when you're ready to eat.

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The Thermos King comes with a five-year warranty. Check out the rest of the jars, including some designed for kids, here.

Use these Thermos containers for summer camping or back-to-school. Get one for the person in your life who has to travel far to work every day. Start saving some money by making your own lunches every day. We've got some tips on how you can do just that, save money and pack healthy lunches for work or school right here.

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