Pixar animated films are some of the best movies in the world, able to entertain kids and adults alike with their heartfelt stories and unforgettable characters. Films like Up, Toy Story, and more recent fare like Inside Out have only become more renowned as the years pass, and now with Disney+ available, the entire lineup of Pixar films is available to stream at a moment's notice.

Pixar Inside Out Cast HeroSource: Disney

Disney is striving to make Disney+ the #1 place for families to stream content this year, and with recent releases to the service like Pixar's Onward and Frozen 2, as well as upcoming movies like Artemis Fowl which is skipping theaters and going straight to Disney+ on June 12, they might just accomplish that. Additional content like Marvel movies, The Simpsons series, and National Geographic documentaries make the service tempting even for those without children at home, and luckily, the Disney+ 7-day trial lets you start streaming for free.

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What is Disney+ and how do I sign up?

Before we get to the list below, if you aren't familiar with Disney+ or have been holding out on signing up, now's the time to learn more and get a subscription started. It brings pretty much the full collection of shows and movies from Disney, Pixar, Nat Geo, Marvel, and more into one service for a low montly cost that doesn't require a long-term commitment.

You can get started with a Disney Plus subscription for just $6.99 per month, or combine it with Hulu and ESPN+ for just $12.99 a month. Both give you access to the same Disney+ library, but obviously the bundle just gives you more services to watch. There's even a 7-day free trial offer to let you check out the service before you're charged anything.

A magical streaming service

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All your Pixar favorites and so much more

Disney+ is streaming every Pixar film to date, and with a free 7-day trial, you can watch all your favorites before even paying a cent.

The 6 best Pixar films you can find on Disney+ today

Everyone has a favorite Pixar movie, and while all of the films that come from this particular studio are fantastic, there are still a handful which have risen above the rest and are practically essential viewings if you're a fan of Disney, Pixar, or animated films in general. If you've never seen the movies below, it's time to turn on Disney+ and start streaming.

Pixar Bugs Life

The tiniest hero: A Bug's Life

Inspired by Aesop's fable The Ant and the Grasshopper, this Pixar film follows the little ant Flik who meets a kooky group of insects while trying to save his colony from grasshoppers that seek to wreck everything the ants have built.

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Up Pixar Hero

Squirrel!: Up

Take a ride with one of the most unlikeliest duos in Pixar history. A retired balloon salesman is in for the adventure of his life when a young boy ends up on his front porch the day his house begins to float away.

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Inside Out Hero

Outrageously good: Inside Out

11-year old Riley moves to a new city, causing her emotions to go haywire. Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness compete for control as Riley tries to navigate her new life.

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Toy Story Hero

To infinity and beyond: Toy Story

Toy Story is not only the most iconic Pixar film in history, but it's also the very first one to come from the studio. This 1995 movie introduces audiences to Woody and Buzz Lightyear in their first adventure as they attempt to make their way back to Andy's house after being lost at a gas station one fateful night.

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Monsters Inc Hero

Scream-worthy: Monster's Inc

You're in for a scream with this one. When Top Scarers Mike and Sully discover a young girl has accidentally entered their world, they promise to bring her back home before the other monsters can get their scary, hairy claws on her.

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Finding Nemo Hero

Just keep watching: Finding Nemo

Search with Marlin and Dory as they travel the ocean to find little Nemo. From scary sharks and hungry seagulls to a cool turtle named Crush, they'll have to find a bit of courage along the way if they have any hope of finding Marlin's son again.

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Any personal favorites we missed?

We know this list is bound to be contentious, and with all the Pixar films on Disney+, we've no doubt missed a few must-see movies that should have a spot as well. Maybe you're a fan of The Incredibles, Cars, or Wall-E. Is there a favorite of yours that's missing from the list? Drop a comment below and let us know which films are worth watching!

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