Christmas is coming!

In case you hadn't noticed, time is running out to order your gifts online and get them in time for Christmas. Wondering how long you've got? We put together a handy table to show you the deadlines that matter for the stores you're shopping at.

Retailer Cutoff Date Shipping Type
Amazon 12/18 Standard Shipping
Amazon 12/22 Prime Free 2-Day Shipping (30-Day Trial)
Amazon 12/23 Prime Free 1-Day Shipping
Amazon 12/24 Prime Now & Prime 2-Hour (Select Cities)
Walmart 12/13 Freight
Walmart 12/19 Standard
Walmart 12/21 Rush
Walmart 12/24 In-Store Pickup (Select Items)
Target 12/19 2-Day Shipping
Target 12/22 Express 1-Day Shipping
Best Buy 12/20 Standard Shipping
Best Buy 12/24 Same-Day Delivery (Select Cities)
Best Buy 12/24 (4PM local time) In-Store Pickup
GameStop 12/17 Ground
GameStop 12/18 Two-Day Shipping
GameStop 12/19 One-Day Shipping
Kohl's 12/18 Standard
Kohl's 12/19 (2PM EST) 2-Day Shipping
Kohl's 12/20 (2PM EST) 1-Day Shipping
Lowe's 12/15 (noon EST) Standard
Lowe's 12/20 (noon EST) 2-Day Shipping
Lowe's 12/21 (noon EST) Next-Day Shipping
Macy's 12/20 (5PM EST) Standard Shipping
Macy's 12/21 (noon EST) Express
Macy's 12/24 (10AM EST) In-Store Pickup
Toys R Us 12/18 Free Shipping
Toys R Us 12/20 (3PM EST) Expedited Shipping
Toys R Us 12/20 (11:59PM EST) Express Shipping
Toys R Us 12/24 (noon EST) In-Store Pickup

Did you miss a deadline? Never fear. Gift cards make great last-minute presents!