In case you hadn't noticed, time is running out to order your gifts online and get them in time for Christmas. Wondering how long you've got? We put together a handy table to show you the deadlines that matter for the stores you're shopping at.

Retailer Cutoff Date Shipping Type
Amazon 12/18 Standard Shipping
Amazon 12/22 Prime Free 2-Day Shipping (30-Day Trial
Amazon 12/23 Prime Free 1-Day Shipping
Amazon 12/24 Prime Now & Prime 2-Hour (Select Cities)
Walmart 12/13 Freight
Walmart 12/19 Standard
Walmart 12/21 Rush
Walmart 12/24 In-Store Pickup (Select Items)
Target 12/19 2-Day Shipping
Target 12/22 Express 1-Day Shipping
Best Buy 12/20 Standard Shipping
Best Buy 12/24 Same-Day Delivery (Select Cities
Best Buy 12/24 (4PM local time) In-Store Pickup
GameStop 12/17 Ground
GameStop 12/18 Two-Day Shipping
GameStop 12/19 One-Day Shipping
Kohl's 12/18 Standard
Kohl's 12/19 (2PM EST) 2-Day Shipping
Kohl's 12/20 (2PM EST) 1-Day Shipping
Lowe's 12/15 (noon EST) Standard
Lowe's 12/20 (noon EST) 2-Day Shipping
Lowe's 12/21 (noon EST) Next-Day Shipping
Macy's 12/20 (5PM EST) Standard Shipping
Macy's 12/21 (noon EST) Express
Macy's 12/24 (10AM EST) In-Store Pickup
Toys R Us 12/18 Free Shipping
Toys R Us 12/20 (3PM EST) Expedited Shipping
Toys R Us 12/20 (11:59PM EST) Express Shipping
Toys R Us 12/24 (noon EST) In-Store Pickup

Did you miss a deadline? Never fear. Gift cards make great last-minute presents!

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