With millions (or billions) in the bank, it's easy to spend an insane amount each month!

Many celebrities have enough money in the bank that they can just go out and buy whatever they want, whenever they want, without thinking too much about it, but who doesn't enjoy being a little thrifty (or a lot) from time to time? After a couple hours of scouring the web to find a legitimate list of the top ten thriftiest celebrities, I've narrowed it down to this.

Read on: Top 10 Thriftiest Celebrities

1. Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett

He's famous because he's rich with an estimated net worth of $63 billion! But that kind of money can't keep a good man from saving a shiny penny, or well, hundreds of thousands of them. The modern age philanthropist owns a modest home in his hometown of Omaha Nebraska, which he purchased for a mere $31,500. That's no misprint.

2. Ed Sheeran

Despite his newfound fame and riches, the sensational young newcomer to pop music pulls off the college student look because he lives like a college student, spending less than $1300 US dollars monthly in living expenses.

3. Jennifer Lawrence

This darling young lady is marking her presence in Hollywood as a fine actress, but that is only what we see on the big screen. At home in her flat where she resides in L.A. (the same one she lived in when she first moved to town - before she was famous), the Passengers star clips coupons. She also drives an economical car and prefers to park it on her own in lieu of using valet services.

4. Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

A pretty regal lady and our longtime First Lady also enjoys being a frugal lady, where it counts. Beyond her White House schedule were tailors and designers at every beckon call, but that didn't stop her from shopping at Target and H&M from time to time. Every girl has a few favorites. Target is on the top of that list for most of us.

5. Sara Jessica Parker

Sara Jessica Parker

Even the Queen of Fashion recognizes the importance of educating her son in money saving techniques. She and husband Matthew Broderick instill the value of recycling and reusing with hand me down clothes for the young lad.

6. Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood

She's not only cute and sweet, she hates waste and loves saving. The country Princess only cooks enough to eat at each meal for her family and admits that she will eat leftovers for a week in order to avoid tossing food in the trash. She also clips coupons and does her own grocery shopping.

7. Aaron Rodgers

Green Bay Packers quarterback and funny man lives a simple life at his home near Lambeau Field, where he mows his own lawn. And even though he gets his own grocery shopping done at the local Piggly Wiggly, one might sometimes find him dining out at a modest local restaurant - Chives.

8. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo Dicaprio

The man is worth millions and yet owns and drives his own Prius! You won't find this A-lister on a private jet either. He prefers to save money, and the environment, by taking commercial flights when he travels. Besides being a completely environmentally friendly celebrity, Leonardo enjoys saving money so he can give it back to Charity.

9. Jay Leno

Jay Leno

During his tenure as the Host of the Tonight Show on NBC (a whopping 17 years), he saved every single dollar from every single paycheck! It was part of his habitual need to have two jobs at once in order to save all the money from one and live off the money from the other. Stand up comedy paid the bills in this case.

10. Zooey Deschanel


Our playful prime-time silly girl isn't so silly when it comes to spending. Any search for frugal/thrifty celebs on the web will bring up her lovely, smiling face because of a recent divorce that forced full disclosure of her monthly expenses. With a net worth sitting at a cool $15 million, she only spends roughly $4,000 per month. Oh, and $1500 goes to charity.

11. More Thrifty Celebs

Take some tips from the rich and famous. They didn't become rich and famous overnight and perhaps their thrifty lifestyles have a little something to do with their hefty bank accounts. Do you know of any other celebrities who embrace a thrify lifestyle? Let us know in the comments!