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How annoying is it to hunt down a wall charger to charge up your phone when you've already got a cable in your hand? If you want to end that problem, check out TopGreener's USB wall receptacle for an easy way to add two USB ports (one USB-A and one USB-C) to your home or office outlets for just $23.96. This price is about $5 cheaper than the receptacle normally sells for, which makes it more affordable to add these to multiple spots in your home.

While this may be more than you would pay for a regular receptacle, the ability to just plug in the USB cable of choice easily justifies the added cost. They are easy to install (just turn the breaker off first) and each one comes with its own faceplate. Amazon reviewers have rated it 4 out of 5 stars. If you want to make your home or office outlets more useful, don't miss out on these!

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If you're not looking for a wall outlet with a USB Type-C port, maybe the Quick Charge 2.0 Ultra High Speed Wall Outlet with 2 USB Type-A ports will work instead, and Team Thrifter has an exclusive 15% off discount code for it. Enter promo code KUI59HEN at checkout to snag this item for $24.98, down almost $5 from its regular price of $29.39.

You can also save an additional 10% when you click the coupon on the product's page and purchase 2 or more outlets at once.

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