Best Airbeds Thrifter 2022

A dependable airbed is an essential purchase if you're planning on having guests over or need something to sleep on when out camping. Whatever your use case, you want an airbed that will leave you feeling well-rested and refreshed in the morning and not with a sore back after it deflated and left you sleeping on a hard floor all night. With varying sizes, features, weight limits, and more, we're breaking down some of the best airbeds you can buy on Amazon right now.

Comfort Quest Airbed Render

Best overall: Comfort Quest Double Airbed with Pump

Staff Pick

Comfort Quest's double airbed takes just three minutes to inflate with the included electric pump. It features a durable black vinyl material with a comfortable blue flocked top surface. It can be used indoors and outdoors so works for guests or camping trips and its coil-beam construction offers support and stability for sleepers.

£37 at Amazon
Pavillo Single Airbed

Best for camping: Pavillo Quick Inflation Outdoor Camping Single Airbed

If you've already got a pump and just want another compact airbed or two to take camping, Pavillo's option is a good pick. It features a coil-beam construction for extra comfort as well as a quick-release valve for fast deflation and easy packing when you're heading home or moving on to your next spot.

£12 at Amazon
Active Era Luxury

Best luxury option: Active Era Luxury King Size Airbed

If you want an airbed that prioritises comfort over portability, this luxurious king size option is for you. It features an internal support structure that mimics the design of a regular bed with the addition of a built-in, ergonomically designed pillow for superior comfort levels. It's also got an integrated electric pump

£110 at Amazon
Active Era Luxury Single

Best luxury single: Active Era Premium Single Airbed

Want luxurious comfort but don't have the space for a huge double airbed? Active Era's premium single option offers the most comfort for your buck. It is fitted with structured air-coils to provide maximum comfort plus a raised pillow for additional head and neck support. The built-in pump can blow this bed up in just 90 seconds.

£70 at Amazon
Yawn Air Sleep Origins

Integrated headboard: Sleep Origins Yawn Air Double Airbed

Short of fully deflating overnight, the most annoying thing about airbeds is the fact that your pillows can fall off the edge quite easily. If that's something you've experienced, upgrade to an airbed with a built-in headboard to prevent it while also gaining a premium feel.

£70 at Amazon
Fydun Car Airbed

Best for van life: Fydun Inflatable Car Travel Airbed

Sleeping in a car or van is a unique experience and calls for a unique airbed design. Fydun's inflatable car bed is designed especially for use in the back of a vehicle with a neat folding construction and independent air chambers to fit around various seat configurations. The pump can also be powered by your car's cigarette port.

£75 at Amazon
Parkland Kids Airbed

Best for kids: Parkland Kid's Inflatable Safety Airbed

This kid's airbed is perfect for sleepovers. Not only does it come in a few bright colour options, but it's designed in a way to give you a peaceful night's sleep knowing your little one can't roll out of bed in the night thanks to its pool-shaped surrounding frame.

£16 at Amazon

Which to choose?

Finding the perfect airbed comes down to more than just its size. If this purchase is destined to be used during an upcoming camping trip, choosing an airbed that's suited for outdoor use is going to be your most important factor when on the hunt. Another feature to consider is whether the airbed you're looking at has a built-in pump or not. Integrated pumps make inflation and deflation so much easier, and if your air mattress doesn't have one, you'll have to look into buying one separately. Luckily, most manufacturers do include them these days though you should double-check whichever one you select just to be sure.

We chose Comfort Quest's double airbed as our favourite pick for its balanced of features and price. While it's not a luxury model, it has a coil-beam construction for comfort and its materials are durable enough to be used indoors or outdoors. If you have a bit more budget to spend and want something more premium for indoor use, the Active Era double has a bunch of extras like an integrated electric pump, a structure built to mimic a regular bed, and built-in ergonomic pillow.

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