Best Bedside Clocks Thrifter 2022

Some people don't want to sleep next to their phones all night to help keep them from spending hours on it just before trying to sleep or to avoid picking it up first thing in the morning. But we have to use our phones for alarms, right? Wrong. Instead, you should get yourself a dedicated bedside clock that can wake you up each day and save you from the black hole that is your phone. We've gathered the best options below to make it easy to find one that works for you.

Ocube Led Clock

Best overall: OCUBE LED Digital Alarm Clock

Staff Pick

With an understated design showing you just the digital time, this is a great addition to any nightstand. The OCUBE clock is easy to read day or night and its display brightness can be easily adjusted from 0% to 100%. It has five alarm sounds, adjustable volume, and a built-in USB charging port. Its minimalist appearance allows it to blend in with just about any decor, too.

£17 at Amazon
Philips Aj3400 Alarm

Built-in FM radio: Philips AJ3400 Alarm Clock Radio

The Philips AJ3400's large display clearly shows the time at a glance. It's easy to tune the FM radio, set two different alarms, and you can even use the sleep timer function to listen to the radio as you doze off. The best part is the easy-to-hit snooze button allowing you to have a few more minutes without much trouble.

£22 at Amazon
Ibox Alarmclock Radio

Room-filling sound: i-box Bedside Radio Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging

Audio accessories from i-box focus on sound quality and its wireless charging alarm clock device is no different. Its sleek design will match any decor and its 6W stereo speakers sound great. It also has a dimmable LED display and an extra USB port on the back if you want to plug something like a smartwatch in overnight.

£35 at Amazon
Philips Smartsleep Wake Up Light

Bright idea: Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light

If you struggle waking up with just sound alone, consider adding a wake-up light into your morning routine. This one from Philips starts brightening up your room ahead of your alarm sound or radio turning on helping you wake up more gently. It can also be used as a dimming sleep light to help you drift off.

£101 at Amazon
Hosome Projection Alarm Clock

Look up: Hosome Projection Alarm Clock

Hosome's Projection Alarm Clock offers four adjustable brightness levels and its large display makes it easy to read at glance. On top of that, there's a built-in projector that throws the time up on the ceiling or your wall so you don't even have to move your head to see it. It works on three AAA batteries or on mains power.

£20 at Amazon
Amazon Echo Dot With Clock 4th

Alexa-enabled: Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

Did you know Amazon offers an Echo Dot with a built-in digital clock so you can see the time at a glance? It's a great addition to your bedside table, especially if you have smart home gear set up or want an easy way to stream some music or get any nagging questions answered before you go to sleep. You can even ask Alexa to set an alarm and just tap the top to snooze.

£60 at Amazon

Time's ticking

No bedside table is complete without a clock, and there are so many options to choose from. For something minimal that will blend in and just show you the time, we recommend the OCUBE LED Digital Alarm Clock. It's loved by existing owners and adds just the right amount of convenience without overcomplicating things. It also looks great.

Of course, you can make your nightstand clock into something more multifunctional if you want to maximize the best bang for your buck in terms of space. Options like the i-box Bedside Radio Alarm Clock give you a convenient way to charge your phone or play some tunes, while the Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light is a great pick if you want a more gentle way to wake up in the morning.

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