Best DAB Radios Thrifter 2021

Whether you like music or talk shows, a DAB radio is a great addition to your home if you want to listen live. With a way more reliable digital signal compared to analogue FM and AM tuners, DAB provides extra clarity and ease-of-use. If you want a hassle-free way to listen to the radio around the home, check out this list of the best DAB radios on the market right now.

Roberts Radio Play

Best overall: Roberts Radio Play10

Staff Pick

The Play10 from Roberts Radio features DAB/DAB+ as well as FM and can be run on mains power or batteries so you can use it at home or on the go. It features a compact design with easy-access buttons on the top for radio station presets, volume, and mode switching. Its backlit 8-character display makes it easy to search and scroll through menus, too.

£40 at Amazon
Majority Little Shelford

Stylish looks: Majority Little Shelford

Majority's Little Shelford digital radio features a super-stylish, compact design but doesn't sacrifice sound quality for good looks. It's DAB/DAB+ and FM-compatible and also allows for Bluetooth connectivity. Its vintage, leather-look design with copper grille will look great in any living room or kitchen.

£36 at Amazon
Majority Petersfield Go

Portable: Majority Petersfield-Go

If you want a DAB radio you can take on the go, the Majority Petersfield-Go is for you. It offers a super compact design that can slip into your pocket or clip onto your belt while you listen to crisp DAB/DAB+ or FM radio. It's got a 10-12 hour battery life and its LCD display makes it easy to find your preferred station. Headphones are included.

£32 at Amazon
August Mb

Compact design: August MB225 Portable Digital Radio

August's MB225 DAB radio features a super lightweight and compact design making it a great addition to a desk or bedside table. Despite being small, it still has a bunch of features like a bright LCD screen, support for 40 presets, DAB and FM radio, built-in speakers plus a headphone jack, as well as a battery that lasts for up to 20 hours.

£30 at Amazon
Pure Siesta Charge

Built-in wireless charger: Pure Siesta Charge

This DAB radio from Pure does double duty up as a Qi wireless smartphone charger making it a great bedside table addition if you have a phone that supports it. As well as offering DAB/DAB+ and FM whenever you want, you can also set multiple alarms and wake up to the sound of your favourite radio station.

£129 at Amazon
Audible Fidelity Complete

Hi-Fi audio: Audible Fidelity Complete

The Audible Fidelity Complete is an all-in-one stereo system that includes DAB and FM radio with 20 presets, a CD player, Aux input, Bluetooth, and more. It also has USB ports and Qi wireless charger for powering up your tech.

£100 at Amazon

Listen up

For a lot of people, relatively little thought goes into picking out a DAB radio. That's why we recommend the Roberts Radio Play10 as the best overall option for most people. It's got a modern design that will go with most home decor schemes and features DAB/DAB+ support as well as FM and can be run on mains power or batteries.

Those that want a truly portable solution will want to check out the pocketable Majority Petersfield-Go which gives 10-12 hours of playback per charge — perfect for commuting or using around the house while doing chores. Alternatively, the Audible Fidelity Complete gets you a great sounding Hi-Fi stereo system with DAB support among basically every other way to play audio.

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