Best Dash Cams Thrifter 2022

Accidents happen and there's not always much you can do to prevent them. You can be prepared, though, by equipping your vehicle with a dash cam so that you've always got proof of exactly what happened in case you need it. We've compiled a list of the best dash cams available right now so you know you're covered.

Nextbase 622gw

Best overall: Nextbase 622GW

Staff Pick

Nextbase's 622GW dash cam gets our vote for the best overall pick for its advanced features and ease of use. It supports 4K recording at 30 FPS, has image stabilisation, what3words integration for precise location, night vision, and extreme weather mode. Its 3-inch touchscreen makes it easy to control with a simple UI and it has Alexa built-in.

£249 at Amazon
Apeman Dash Cam

Best budget option: APEMAN Dual Lens Dash Cam

If price is your main concern, and affordable pick like this APEMAN dash cam should be your go-to. Despite being on the cheaper end, it still has advanced features like 1080p recording, a 170-degree wide-angle lens, motion-detection, as well as an additional 720p camera for monitoring the rear of your vehicle. A 32GB microSD card is also included which you'll need to get recording.

£40 at Amazon
Thinkware F800 Dash Cam

Best features: Thinkware F800 PRO Dash Cam

Where price has no limit, you can take your pick of the bunch when it comes to feature-packed dash cams. The Thinkware F800 PRO Dash Cam has a few more bells and whistles than your standard dash cam including red light camera and speed camera alert, super night vision, forward collision and lane departure warning systems, built-in Wi-Fi, parking surveillance, a rearview camera, and more. You can even play footage back on your phone.

£239 at Amazon
Garmin Dash Cam

Brand recognition: Garmin Dash Cam 66

You know Garmin makes quality products and it has been making car tech for ages. Its Dash Cam 66 is an excellent standalone GPS dashcam, as it comes with a 180-degree field of view, 1440p HD recording, and handy voice controls. You can record location and time data, so you'll be able to provide details as to where exactly crashes happen (hopefully not at all) and the conditions under which they occur.

£169 at Amazon
Transcend Drivepro Dash Cam

Good value: Transcend 32GB DrivePro 200

If you want a compact dash cam that offers seamless, sharp, full HD video, instantaneous playback, and easy installation, the Transcend DrivePro 200 is for you. It has an impressive 160-degree viewing angle and records in 108p at 30fps. It also has a hyper-sensitive G-sensor that can sense the impact of an accident and trigger emergency recording mode which will lock down and protect the current recording from being overwritten.

£112 at Amazon
Vantrue N2 Dash Cam

Record inside and out: Vantrue N2 Dual Lens Dash Cam

You can't always keep an eye on what's going on inside the car while simultaneously keeping an eye on the road, but the Vantrue N2 Dual Lens Dash Cam can. It has dual cameras; one 1080p lens for watching the road and 720p shooter for keeping tabs on the inside of the vehicle. It's an ideal pick for taxi drivers or anyone that wants to get the full picture in case an accident strikes.

£130 at Amazon

Don't hit the road without one

Honestly, there are a ton of dash cam options on the market and many of them do the basics without costing a fortune. We picked the Nextbase 622GW as our preferred option as it offers a ton of advanced features while remaining easy to use for a novice. Though there are certainly more affordable options out there, the 622GW is still not the most expensive while remaining an option that is advanced enough to remain in use for years to come

If you want to spend a little more, you can, of course, get added features for the extra money. Take the Thinkware F800 PRO, for example, with its 140-degree wide-angle view at 30fps, super night vision, and included 32GB microSD, or the Vantrue N2 that can record both the inside and outside of your vehicle. These show you can get a camera to suit your exact needs depending on what you're willing to spend.

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