Summer's here, and that means it's hot out. It also brings up the question of how to look hot without looking well…actually hot. How can you get the best looks of summer without breaking the bank or breaking a sweat? A few tips, tricks, and upgrades to your regular makeup routine can make sure the only thing slipping and sliding this summer is you, not your makeup.

Switch out Creams for Powders

Say goodbye to any creamy products, from foundations to eye shadows and blushes. The same thing that makes a cream great for winter (it melts with the heat of your fingertips to glide right on for a dewy look) make them terrible for winter. Unless you want to feel like your face is dripping off during the day, skip any creamy products.

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If you can't forgo foundation or concealer, try Nars Powder Foundation, which goes on creamy and dries to a powder, keeping you fresh-faced all day. Add to that SPF 15 and it's a summer staple. It is a beauty bargain, too, with one of the best names in the business and only $16 right now.

Instead of a creamy blush, choose an old-fashioned powder that keeps you rosy regardless of if you're in the office AC or the humid outdoors. The e.l.f blush palette offers four different shades to match your summer wardrobe, and it's a total steal at only $6. Throw it in your beach bag for frequent touch-ups.

Maybelline's Mini City Palettes are perfect for trying out a few new looks this summer. There is a wide variety of palettes to choose from, from matte nudes to bright blues and greens, and they're small enough to slip into your tote. At $10 a pop, you might want to grab a few.

Help it Stay Put

A setting spray can be overkill in winter, but it does wonders in summer for keeping you refreshed, making it a summer must-have. Tarte's Rainforest of the Sea mist comes in a stunning purple and gold bottle that looks great lounging on your beach towel for frequent touch-ups. And you'll definitely want to spray this on your entire face and décolletage frequently. It helps reduce redness, puffiness, and dryness and keeps makeup in place for 12 hours. All that, and this little beauty is only $12.

A top-notch top coat is imperative.

Nail polish is one of the least expensive ways to upgrade your summer look, but finding new colors can be a bit of a pain. Don't settle for one more boring "coral sunset" manicure this year. Check out Creative Play's line of…you guessed it, creative, playful nail colors. Apricot in the Act (a lovely mellow orange hue that pops nicely on fingers) and Toe the Lime (a chartreuse that looks great on tan toes) are two of our favorites.

Of course, you don't want to be fixing your manicure when you could be lounging by the lake, so a top-notch top coat is imperative. One that can resist sun and sand, and dries quickly to minimize your waiting time. For that, Seche Vite's Dry Fast Top Coat is the very best. Keep in your makeup bag for quick touch-ups, too.

Waterproof When You Can

Sweat happens. So does swimming, summer downpours, and laughing until you cry. You'll definitely want to make sure your summer makeup bag contains only waterproof mascara. Avon's waterproof True Color mascaras are perfectly trendy for the summer, for all ages. Whether it's a throw-back to your youth to embrace colored mascara or something you've never tried before, it's all the rage for 2017. MAC, a high-end beauty brand, offers smaller sized colored mascaras that are ideal for summer play. Try purple, blue, or green in the company's Zoom Lash Mascara.

A liquid liner is actually the way to go when it comes to eyeliner, as a regular pencil eyeliner will melt, making your stylish sunglasses more of a necessity to cover up the melting than an accessory. NYX has some Vivid Brights that are sure to brighten up your summer makeup routine. They go on wet and dry perfectly taught and tidy, and won't melt off no matter how hot it gets. Try orange or yellow for a real pop of summer fun.

Then there's bronzing powder…but have you heard of Rimmel's waterproof bronzing powder with SPF 15, too? Yes, please! This might be the best $5 you spend all season. Fake that bake all summer long, and it won't even disappear when you go for a swim or a run.

Don't Forget the SPF

We've already mentioned a few products that contain SPF, but it's important to wear actual sunscreen, too, in addition to the small amounts present in makeup. Mineral Fusion's brush-on sunscreen powder has SPF 30, more than double most regular makeup products. It's not the cheapest thing you'll grab for the summer, but it's one of the most important. It's also one of the least expensive on the market, and it blocks UVA and UVB rays. As an added bonus, it's oil-absorbing, so you'll be more likely to brush it on during the day.

Put it All Together

For all of these great powder products, you'll need a cute new set of brushes. Bamboo is a summer-ready classic. This EcoTools 6 piece-set has everything you need for eyes, lips, and face.

A cute, colorful summer cosmetic pouch and beach bag are necessary for all of your colorful new products, of course. This ikat-inspired bright, block-printed orange and pink bag is sunshine in pouch form.

Toss it into your lemon slice cooler tote bag, of course, to keep things cool this summer. Round beach towels are all the rage this year, so don't forget to grab one. Of course, a watermelon beach towel or a mandala beach towel are particularly on-trend.

From colorful manicures to colorful eyelashes, these inexpensive additions are easy ways to beat the heat and look cool doing it.

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