Around the house, things break, scratch, and get damaged. Sometimes you need to make complicated repairs but a lot of the time it's a simple as just sticking two pieces together or plugging a whole. That's where Surgru comes in. Sugru is described by the company that makes it as "the world's first moldable glue." You mold it into place, make a seal with the Sugru to help make sure that it attaches securely, and then you leave it to sit for 24 hours, or longer if you're repairing something that will face heat or cold. Even after it's set it maintains its flexibility so you can use it to repair plastic and rubber.

It's waterproof, heat resistant, cold resistant, and doesn't conduct electricity so you can use it everywhere from the kitchen to the garden to fixing cables. It's inexpensive and is sold by the pouch on Amazon.

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It can also be used to form smaller pieces that can replace bits that you've lost or that have broken. It's handy to have the house, especially for simple repairs and life hacks. Here are a few of the best ways to use Sugru for cost-effective and easy DIY fixes around the house.

Fixing glasses

Sugru is especially great at replacing tiny specific parts. When you lose a nose piece the glasses are perfectly fine at helping you see but won't fit right and are uncomfortable. You can mold Sugru to the shape of a lost or broken nose piece to create a custom piece.

Fixing tiny pieces and knobs around the house

Somewhat similar to the glasses fix, Sugru can be used to replace all sorts of tiny parts that are either impossible to replace or just a hassle to find.

If you have a door or shelf that has a specific peg or post that breaks or falls out you can mold Sugru into the exact shape you need for the replacement piece. This is especially great to fix doors, shelves, or utilities that won't work or close properly just because one tiny piece is missing.

If you have a device or unit that has mounts at the bottom, losing one can make it wobble. You can fix a broken mount or replace one altogether with Surgu. This could be especially useful for things like the mounts that flip out on keyboards to help you type at an angle. You may not be able to make a fully functioning hinge but if you always type in the same position you can make a custom foot out of Sugru and type away. Other items include gadgets you use in the kitchen that need to be level that are missing a foot.

You can also use Sugru to fix things like the knob to hold a lid to a pan or a wide variety of items that chip or crack. Sugru is heat resistant up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit so you can use it for a number of kitchen goods.

Some other items that you can easily replace with Sugru are zippers, knobs, handles for mugs, and earbud padding. There are all sorts of things you can fix so it's worth giving it a try and seeing if you can make it work.

Fix phone cables or prevent damage

The only things that are inevitable are death, taxes, and stock phone cables breaking. This is irritating as it stops you from using your expensive tech because a cheap cable broke. You can use Sugru to mold a protective coat around your cable end and keep it from breaking. If you have any cables that already have a broken outside of the cable but still work with our device you can fix them with Sugru and give them a second life.

Fixing Leaks

Sugru comes in a variety of colors and can be used to fix leaks in things such as rain boots, watering cans for plants, and loads of other things that can leak. You don't need to throw away a can or bucket if you can just plug the hole up. Just remember to let the Sugru set for the appropriate amount of time to help the seal form.

Add a layer of Sugru metal objects

Metal's a great heat conductor which is why most pots and pans are made out of it. But that same heat conducting can come back to bite you if a handle is too hot to touch. You can add a layer of Sugru to the handles of pots and pans to make sure you don't burn yourself.

In other areas of the house, you can add a layer of Sugru to cover up rust. If you have an old faucet that's seen its better days you can add a flair of color and cover up the rust by molding Sugru around the knob.

You can use a similar trick to coat faucet's hot and cold knobs to with blue and red Sugru to better identify the knobs.

Fixing breaks in racks

A crack in a dishwasher or shoe rack can be a real inconvenience. But replacing an entire rack because of one crack isn't cost effective. You can use Sugru to fill a gap left by a crack in a rack and complete the grate so you can put whatever you need to on it.

Wrapping things up

Sugru is a flexible tool, both literally and figuratively. It can be used for far more than basic home repairs but is a great way to save money around the house. It's ability to stay flexible while still serving its purpose of sticking together helps it become a versatile working material and allows you to be creative with your home projects and repairs.

One of the best things about Sugru is that it's cheap and easy to use. Before you throw something out or order an expensive replacement it's always worth checking if you can fix it yourself and Sugru will be able to help in a variety of situations.

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