Update: This offer has expired.

You can get 15% off Nest thermostats using Target's Cartwheel coupon service. We've written about this program before, so if you're unsure what it is just read through that real quick. Basically you add the coupon to your Cartwheel account then show it when you go in-store to pickup your purchase. With this coupon you can get the 3rd generation Nest Thermostat for $212.49. It normally sells at $250, and $212 is definitely the best price compared to other retailers like Amazon and Best Buy.

The coupon says it works on all varieties of Nest, so you could also get the Nest Thermostat E for as low as $143.65 with 15% off. It's normally $169 and the only deal we've seen for the Thermostat E in the past was a bundle sale.

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We've seen deals on the 3rd gen Nest as low as $200 before, but none of those sales are active at the moment and are easy to miss because they don't last long.

Normal thermostats are quite the pain, so why not replace it with some modern tech? Not only does the Nest work with voice assistants like Google Home and Alexa, it also works with modern smartphones. You can schedule temperature changes or even cool off your apartment from your phone before you get home. It has automatic features, too, like turning itself off when no one is home to save energy. It is an Energy Star-rated device, and you could reduce your utility bill by as much as 30%.


  • What makes this deal worth considering? - Nest thermostats are amazing, and you know you want one. It's just usually hard to put up with that starting price, so it's nice to see a discount.
  • Things to know before you buy! - This deal only works with Target Cartwheel, and that means you need to buy the item using in-store pickup, then show the Target employees your Cartwheel coupon to get the 15% off. You can also add another 5% off using Target's REDcard.

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