Not all price reductions are temporary, and that's the case with these drops from V-MODA. The company is slashing the price of some of its newest headphones by up to $100 on a permanent basis. This includes a variety of styles, too, which means there's likely a set of headphones here for everyone. The Crossfade 2 wireless on-ear headphones are $50 off while the company's first mini Hi-Fi Bluetooth speaker, the Remix, is down $100 to $199.99 now.

The full list of discounted items includes:

Even though the company is slashing the prices, the benefits of buying these remain. V-MODA will still offer complimentary 3D printed fiber or 2D laser-engraved custom shields (which is a $70 value) with every purchase. These discounted prices are also available from the company's own site.

Bose has also temporarily dropped the pricing for its Quiet Comfort 35 II wireless headphones with noise cancellation. Grab a pair now for just $299.

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