Walmart's Black Friday ad is now available, and this could be the biggest one yet. Walmart combines the best of nearly all Black Friday shopping trips into one, allowing you to find great deals on tech, home goods, clothing, and more in just one store.

Convenience definitely plays in Walmart's favor, but that doesn't mean we should green light all of the deals in the ad. Let's break down some of the best and worst deals that you'll find on Black Friday at Walmart.

Deals worth considering

Google Home Mini - $4

Ok, so you won't actually pay $4 in-store to walk out with a Google Home Mini, but let us explain. Walmart is matching the $29 price tag that we've seen from other retailers, but where its deal gets unique is the $25 discount you'll get on a future Walmart order through Google Express. This service may not be available everywhere, so you'll want to check if it is available by you, but if it is, you essentially get the Google Home Mini for just $4 once you factor in the extra discount.

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This price won't be matched anywhere else, we can just about guarantee that! You can also step up to the full-sized Google Home for $79 and still get the same credit, and if you want to go all-in on the Google experience be sure to pick up the $20 Chromecast as well.

5-Quart Instant Pot Lux 5 - $49

This is the 5-quart version of our favorite Instant Pot, and at this price, there is no reason every home in the U.S. shouldn't have one. From what we can see, this model has only ever dropped this low once before, and that was for a flash sale at Amazon last year. The current low on it is $60, and while a $10 discount may not seem big, that drops it down right into the territory of a conventional slow cooker, except this offers far more features.

Arlo 3-Pack Security Cameras - $199

Home security cameras are becoming more and more popular, and Arlo is one of the big names in the market. This kit normally sells for $399, and at $200 off it's hard to go wrong. It comes with 3 cameras, all of which are wire-free and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Once you have the kit, you can then add more cameras if you find it necessary by purchasing individual extra cameras. This is the price of what we see a single security camera from Nest going for while on sale.

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More deals to check out

Lukewarm deals

Clothing deals are the hardest to compare, and my Black Friday thoughts on shopping for these items is pretty simple. If you like the item, and like the price, buy it. If you don't care for the style, or don't see the value, pass on it. Even with zip-front jackets and joggers starting at $7 a piece and a variety of shirts, jeans and more at just $10, you may not find it worth leaving your house.

There will be select video games starting as low as $9, and various titles will also be available at the $12, $19, and $29 price points. Many of these seem like good deals, but you'll likely only buy them if you really are in the market for that specific title. Over 200 DVD titles will be available at $1.96 each, and more than 250 at $3.96.

Deals worth ignoring

We feel like a broken record, but we are seeing a lot of repeat deals with slight variations. Be sure to stay away from the 3-month Xbox Live subscriptions for $12.50, because while 50% off looks enticing, that still means that 1 year of service would cost $50 using these cards, and that's more than you can buy a year for on an average day. The console bundles are the same story, and those prices are what you can find anywhere else. Keep in mind that Walmart advertises the Nintendo Switch at full price, which seems to be the trend this year. More retailers will have in-store availability, and that's the advertised "deal" here, no discounts, sadly.

Since Walmart does much more than tech, there is more to this story, though. There is a section of the ad that features $10 small kitchen appliances, like deep fryers and such. You'll get what you pay for with those, and I wouldn't go out of my way for one of them since there are much better deals to be hunting down.

Store information

Walmart will be open all day on Thanksgiving, with deals starting online at 12:01 a.m. ET, and in-store deals will begin at 6 p.m. local time. As you'd expect, the big doorbuster deals will require you to line up at a store, but we can expect to see a lot of good deals online this year as well.

The store maps will be available starting November 14, so keep an eye on that so you can be sure to know exactly where the items you want will be when you head to your local store. This year, Walmart will not be doing its infamous 1-hour guarantee, which ensured that for one hour after the start of the Black Friday shenanigans you were guaranteed to be able to purchase the item for that price. This means you'll want to ensure you are in-store for any deals that interest you!

There is a whole selection of deals that are available right now for you to shop online, so be sure to give them a look as well.

Your thoughts?

Are you impressed with Walmart's Black Friday 2017 ad? We'd love to hear your thoughts on it. Also, be sure to check out some of the ads from other big retailers below.

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