Walmart has quietly launched a new home brand on its website. Called MoDRN, the lineup offers close to 650 pieces that are exclusive to Walmart and Walmart-owned stores.

Here's the good: the items, for the most part, look way pricier than they actually cost. There are a few collections to choose from, including Retro Glam, Refined Industrial, and Scandinavian Minimal. Those collections take the guesswork out of the often-stressful task of decorating a room. Sofas start at $700 and beds cost at least $599, but there's also barware that starts at $20. Some of the items are currently on sale via Walmart's subsidiary Hayneedle. And, so far, that's about it.

Aside from the seemingly random name, there's one major issue with this home lineup: it's too little, too late. Target already has a huge assortment of exclusive home brands, including ones in collaboration with the likes of Chip and Joanna Gaines. Amazon, too, has privately-owned labels that feature the same sort of look MoDRN is going for, and it does it with brand names that are less "Hey, fellow kids!"

The prices are on-par with other brands.

Rivet and Stone & Beam are two examples that come to mind. All of those beautiful mid-century-inspired lines, none of the removing vowels solely for the sake of removing vowels. These brands and other competitors like Wayfair or HomeGoods have already made their mark on the furniture-for-millenials market, and Walmart's newest foray simply doesn't do enough to stand out.

The prices are on-par with other brands. Take, for instance, these MoDRN Industrial Dax Dining Chairs. Available in a two-pack for $129, they're pretty comparable to the Rivet Mid-Century 2-pack Microfiber Dining Chairs from Amazon's brand. And that's exactly my point here. Walmart's new line isn't bad. It's just not that good.

Walmart didn't flip the script here. It didn't do anything another store hasn't done already, which is basically what we've come to expect from the big blue giant. What Walmart lacks in rewards programs, competitive free shipping thresholds, and user-friendly website design, it makes up for in lackluster product lineups that come years too late. MoDRN came to the furniture and home space with nothing new to offer, bearing a name that screams anything but "contemporary." Hopefully a good sale comes along that leaves a better impression than this first one.

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