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I don't know about you, but I am tired of seeing social media pictures of people representing the "ideal American family". You know the ones, perfect home, perfect lighting, perfect children. News flash, you might have the perfect selfie game and gorgeous home, but nobody has the perfect children. I love my daughter more than anything but she is a disaster. So is my home and so are my "home-made" dinners. I cannot recall the number of times my husband and daughter have had to force feed themselves hard as a rock chicken. But they do it, because they know if they don't, I will chuck that rock hard chicken at their heads.

When I do get a chance to wind down and watch some television, I do not want to watch shows that are about well behaved children and rich husbands buying their wives vacations to Hawaii for their half-birthdays. I want to feel better about my life, not worse okay? I was so happy when I found the show American Housewife. I feel like the mother in that show is me and I am her. She goes about daily life struggles with an attitude and a smile. She knows that you can love your family but not "like" them at the same time.

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