Planning a wedding can get stressful, but one of the best parts is fulfilling your wedding registry together! It's exciting to plan for your new home, and all the things you'll need to put in it! When it comes time for you to create a list of items you'll need for your wedding registry, you might want to consider Amazon as one of your primary spots. It's fun to register at a higher end store, but not all of your family will be able to afford shopping at particular places.

Luckily Amazon sells most of the items you'll find in more expensive stores at a much cheaper price, and even some of the same brands as well. This will allow your relatives to shop freely without having to worry too much about a budget. Here are some items you might want to consider putting on your Amazon registry!

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Large Furniture Pieces

Furniture is expensive as it is, and if you choose a higher end store for your wedding registry list those larger furniture items are going to be even more expensive. Amazon sells furniture at a much cheaper price, and a lot of the items are available on Prime too so your family and friends won't have to pay additional fees for delivery. If this is your first time living together as a couple, you're going to need quite a bit of new furniture, especially if you're heading home to a brand new, empty house right after the wedding! If you find budget friendly furniture, your guests might be more likely to all pitch in to get you a large gift, rather than a bunch of small ones.

Kitchen Gadgets

Brands like OXO, and Kitchenaid are resold at a number of stores, and those items can vary in process depending on where you shop. If you love a number of kitchen gadgets, you should try to register them at Amazon instead, because those exact same brands can be found on Prime! Your guests will love buying multiples of these items because it's easy to pick and choose kitchen stuff since it all goes in one spot.

Most retail shops will carry quite a few items from each kitchen brand, but on Amazon not only will you find the things you love from that brand, but a wide range of other items they make as well. For example, if you own a Kitchenaid mixer, most stores will carry one or two attachments that go with the appliance, but on Amazon, you'll find other suggestions that you may have never thought of before.

Interior Décor

Home décor items can add up quickly if you're not careful, and I'm sure a lot of your guests are dying to buy you beautiful and unique items to make your house look special. Throw pillows, area rugs, vases, lamps, and other interior décor items can easily be found on Amazon with a variety of designers and one-of-a-kind pieces that you won't find at your department store. If you want to get the most out of your registry list, then opt to add these individual pieces on Amazon instead of at a high-end store.

A vase at a high-end retail shop could run you almost $40, whereas a similar vase on Amazon will be half the price. For the majority of your décor, register it with Amazon, then you can pick just a few unique pieces at your other registries that are a little more pricier and designer brand.

Outdoor Furniture/Patio Accessories

Outdoor furniture is significantly more expensive than indoor furniture as the pieces have to be made to last. Waterproof, windproof, sun proof, you name it! Patio furniture and décor will cost you a pretty penny, and it's not always in season. One of the biggest issues you might face while registering at retail stores is that their inventory is seasonal. Some of the items you originally put on there towards the beginning of your wedding planning might sell out once time passes by, and seasons change.

Stores will get rid of one season's items and restock with new stuff, which if you're shopping for patio furniture could be an issue as these summer items won't come back around until the next year. Amazon has items all year round that make it easy for you to shop for regardless of the season.


What's a house without fun technology gadgets? Speakers, TVs, security systems, etc., these items are usually difficult to save up money to purchase all on your own, especially as a newly married couple. You can often catch electronic sales around major holidays, like Black Friday, but for the most part, electronics will generally run in the same price range throughout the year. Amazon has cheaper prices and a wider variety of brands and options for your electronic needs. You'll find specialty devices, like dog video monitors, and Bluetooth speakers for all around the home.

Workout Equipment

For the athletic couple, you'll love putting all your workout needs on one list. Amazon carries a wide variety of gym equipment and accessories, and home gyms and workout gadgets are a new trend among married couples. Most newlyweds want to keep up with their physique even after the wedding is over, and many of us know just how expensive gym memberships can get. Having workout items on your wedding registry will give your list a unique twist that not all older relatives are used to seeing on the traditional registry, and they will be happy to purchase something that will keep you healthy!

The Honeymoon!

With honeymoon funds becoming the next trend in wedding planning, not all couples know how to form the perfect registry list, and it's easy to get "scan happy" at the store. Registering at Amazon will give your guests a cheaper option, and the Prime shipping makes it even better so that those larger items won't cost a fortune to ship to your home.

Before you scan ridiculously expensive items on your registry at a high-end store, take some time to look on Amazon to see if they have that item or something similar to your style to give your wedding guests a more affordable option when purchasing your gifts. Your family and friends will be more willing to buy more gifts if the options are within a friendly budget.

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