We're incredibly excited that you're reading this. Today the Thrifter mission begins in earnest with the launch of our new brand and website. We're at the starting point on what we believe will be an exciting journey that will take many twists and turns and we hope you join us for the ride. We're building Thrifter for you and it's with the feedback and input of the growing Thrifter community that we'll reach our goals together.


Thrifter started as an idea born in a moment of panic. The realization? That as an inherent spender (I can't help it, I like having nice things!), I reached a point in my life where I needed to grow up and start working on my savings. We've all heard the old wealth creation adage that it's not how much you earn that matters, but how much you spend. Some people are natural savers. Unfortunately, I was not one of them. I fell into the trap of the more I made, the more I spent. While that habit can make for a fun lifestyle for a while, it's a lot like treading water -- at some point you're going to start sinking. That's a horrible feeling and one I wanted to avoid at all costs.

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Thus Thrifter and the notion of Spend Where it Matters was born. Being a Thrifter isn't about being dirt cheap and never spending money on things you want - it's about making sure when you do spend money that your hard-earned dollars are stretching as far they can. We think wasting money is stupid and we want to empower aspiring Thrifters to have the money-saving knowledge they need so they can enjoy the confidence that comes with being on top of financial matters in your daily life or business. We also want to make the notion of being thrifty not suck. Thrifter is about unlocking your path to an awesome life, finding that happy balance between saving and occasionally splurging. To that, we also want Thrifter to be as fun as it is educational. Afterall, being smart with your money should be celebrated!


We've assembled an incredibly passionate team as we begin building the Thrifter platform. If you're wondering what that means exactly, you can think of Thrifter as a tech company, a publisher and community all in one.

On the Thrifter website and our Thrifter social media channels you can already find the content produced by our in-house Deals Team and Thrifter Experts Network. The Deals Team scours the internet daily for the best -- and only the best -- deals available on products and services right now. Our growing Expert Network brings money making and money saving advice from the most knowledgeable Thrifters on the planet. There's already an amazing wealth of knowledge on Thrifter, and we have a lot more planned. Be sure to sign up for the Thrifter newsletter and follow us on our @ThrifterDaily social channels so you don't miss a thrift.

The Thrifter deals team currently includes:

  1. Daniel DeSilva (Team Lead)
  2. Jared DiPane (Editor)
  3. Alex Smith (Editor)
  4. J.D. Levite (Editor)
  5. Louryn Strampe (Editor)
  6. Adam Oram (Editor)


We're currently looking for freelancers, interns and volunteers to join the growing Thrifter content team. Various positions are available across a number of product category verticals - if you have a deep expertise in a subject as it relates to making financial decisions and want to share that expertise with others, we want to hear from you. More operational positions at Thrifter will be posted soon - please keep an eye on our Careers Page if you'd like to become part of the Thrifter movement.


We want Thrifter to the be the word people think of and the resource they check out when it comes to everyday financial decisions. I can promise you the Thrifter team will be working their butts off to ensure we're delivering the best advice and recommendations possible.

Thrifter starts now!

Live Happy,

Kevin Michaluk
Founder, Thrifter

PS Your help in spreading the word is appreciated!