Update: This deal has expired.

Dell.com has the Vizio E65-E0 for $899.99 with a $350 gift card. The $899.99 price is nothing spectacular. You can find the E0 and the nearly identical E1 going for that price in several places. What does make this deal special though is Dell's inclusion of a $350 gift card. No one else is offering that.

The gift card is emailed to you 10-days after you make the purchase, and you'll have 90 days to use it before it expires. If you do decide to take Dell up on this deal, you should go into it with a plan. The gift card is restricted to Dell.com, of course, so you'll need to buy something the Dell store sells. Use the $350 to upgrade your new TV with a new soundbar system or maybe even a gaming console. Heck, get something completely unrelated to your purchase that you've had your eye on for a while, like the Nest smart thermostat.

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The Vizio E series is from 2016, so this is probably Dell clearing out space for newer 2017 models. But these TVs were highly praised for their affordability while still offering superb image quality. It also has Google Cast baked right in so you have easy access to all the streaming services that provides.

The downsides of this TV are that it doesn't have an over-the-air tuner and a lot of the functionality is built into the Vizio app instead of on the actual screen sitting in front of you.

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