Update: This deal is expired.

Reading articles on the internet (like this one) is awesome, however, there's still fantastic writing and great writers working on print magazines. Seeing them in the store can feel a bit odd considering how quickly the news on the front cover can become outdated, but you shouldn't let that stop you from exploring the world of magazines which is full of passionate writing about expansive topics.

For a limited time at DiscountMags, you can grab a dual subscription to Wired and Popular Science magazines for only $7.99 a year when you enter promo code 60376 during checkout.

A subscription to these magazines will bring you 18 issues yearly, including 12 issues of Wired and 6 of Popular Science. If you aren't familiar with these magazines, Wired is one of the best-selling tech and gadget mags at the newsstand. It focuses on technology's effect on culture and society around the world while also keeping track of the most interesting new products arriving to market.

Meanwhile, Popular Science has a lean towards technology as well but also mixes in news about science, health and fitness and other topics in these categories. Best of all, many times they find a way to make the more difficult explanations easier to understand and more interesting for those of us who never had much fun in Science class.

If you just want a subscription to one or the other, each is available via Amazon for just $5 per year. $5 Kindle subscriptions are available as well. ( Wired // Popular Science )

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