As long as there has been Woot, an Amazon-owned daily deals site, there has been a $5 flat-rate shipping fee. There was never a way around it. No promo codes or coupons. No special free-delivery weekends or anything like that. Every deal bought at Woot meant adding an extra $5 to the cost.

Well, that's no longer the case. Starting February 19, Amazon Prime members can now use their Amazon Prime accounts to log into Woot and get free standard shipping on anything. You can even get free express shipping on shirts ordered from Woot. If you don't have Amazon Prime, you'll still have the same $5 shipping fee restriction with no way around it.

This is important to us at Thrifter because an unavoidable shipping fee is as much a part of the deal price as anything else. After all, what good is a $10 sale if you pay $15 in shipping? The math doesn't add up. Some places charge shipping based on the weight of an item, which means you end up paying $50 for a heavy item that's $20 off. Those aren't deals to us because you're still getting overcharged. So we've always taken shipping into account, and that meant adding $5 to every Woot deal.

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Of course, if you aren't a Prime member you can always sign up for it to get this benefit, even if you're just using the 30-day free trial. Prime has tons of other benefits, too, though, including access to samples that are basically free, Twitch Prime video game rewards, exclusive deals, and a lot more.

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