Update: This offer has expired.

Amazon has two Xbox One S bundles on sale right now, one with a 1TB hard drive and one with a 500GB hard drive.

The first kit is $290. It comes with an Xbox One S 1TB console, two Xbox One wireless controllers, a Play & Charge kit, a copy of Halo Wars 2, and three digital games.

Halo Wars 2 is an amazing game if you haven't played it yet. The three digital games are pre-determined to be Recore, Halo 5, and Forza Motorsport 6. All of those are some of the best games on the Xbox. You'll get them through a separate email after purchase. The games alone have a $115 value if you bought them off Amazon individually right now.

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The second kit is $240. It comes with a 500GB Xbox One S console, two Xbox One controllers, a Play & Charge kit, and three digital games. The games are the same as the other kit. You get a little less storage and one less game with this kit for $50 less.

These are Prime Day exclusive deals. They will most likely sell out and definitely won't be here July 12.

If you need more storage, the Seagate hard drive sale going on for Prime Day right now has an Xbox-branded 2TB hard drive on sale.

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