Through August 28, GameStop is offering up to $300 towards the purchase of an Xbox One X console when you trade-in a game console in-store. Different consoles earn you more or less, however, most of these offers are in-line with what you could make selling the consoles yourself on a site like eBay or Craigslist. Some of them might even earn you more than what you'd make there.

GameStop has gotten flak over the years due to how lowly it values certain trade-in items, but the offers here are actually pretty great. The credit you receive will only be valid towards the Xbox One X console however, so you'll want to keep that in mind. GameStop doesn't usually offer this much when you trade-in these consoles, so that's something to think about as well.

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Let's just say you bought an Xbox One S the other day. Maybe you saw our deal offering a 1TB console for $210. You could now turn around and trade-in that console to GameStop for $250. You'd be halfway on your way to an Xbox One X and you'd have made $40 selling your console in the process. You can also get $250 in credit if you're trading in a Nintendo Switch, the original PlayStation 4, or the Slim edition of it.

Meanwhile, if you have an original Xbox One, you can earn $200 by trading it in and upgrading to the enhanced model of the console. The maximum credit you can receive towards the console is $300 by trading in a PlayStation 4 Pro.

The Xbox One X is currently priced at $499.99 at GameStop, so depending on your trade-in, you could be paying as little as $200 for it. However, there's another great offer you should consider if you feel like you can't part with your beloved PlayStation or Nintendo Switch. While supplies last, you can snag an Xbox One X bundle from AntOnline's eBay store for $450, which includes the console, Madden NFL '19, and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. There's also an option with an additional controller for $480.

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