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Amazon has the Neater Feeder deluxe dog food dish on sale for $34.79, which is down $20 from its average price. If you are an Amazon Prime member and this is your first pet purchase, you will receive a 15% off (up to $15) coupon which will bring the price of this feeder down to $29.57. All you have to do is check the coupon box on the product page.

The Neater Feeder deluxe is the creme de la creme of dog dishes. It is kick proof, spill proof and splash proof. My dog is a very messy eater, which means I have to pick soggy dog food out of his water dish every day. If I had this feeder I would never have to do that again, because this wonderful contraption separates spilled food from spilled water. The spilled water drains into the lower reservoir while spilled food stays off the floor. Genius.

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This item includes a 7 cup stainless steel food bowl and one 9 cup extra capacity stainless steel water bowl. Also included are a set of 4 non-skid inserts.

The large food dish is for dogs 30 to 100 pounds, however those of you with smaller pets can choose the medium size dish for $29.99 or the small size for $22.94.


  • What makes this deal worth considering? - This deluxe dog dish has received an impressive 4.6 star rating from Amazon customers. Some reviewers have said that they also use the smaller feeder for their cats.
  • Things to know before you buy! - The Neater Feeder is already raised off the floor, but the Neater Feeder Extension Legs for $8.99 will elevate your Neater Feeder higher, helping contain even more spills and splashes.

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