When the NES Classic Mini Edition came out in 2016, one of the biggest complaints was how short the controllers were. Retro gaming enthusiasts were stoked on the new console, but upset at having to crane their necks up at a TV from two feet away. That was a bit too outdated for Nintendo fans.

The new SNES Classic Edition improved upon that issue, but barely. The cord length was bumped up from the NES Classic, but it's still only 4.5 feet long.

The easiest way to fix this issue is by pre-ordering the 8Bitdo SNES Classic Edition Wireless Controller. No need to worry about cord length with these bad boys. You'll get a receiver, controller, and USB cable for $24.99.

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These are set to release on December 10th. You can purchase the Super Famicom-themed SF30 model for the same price.

So now that you have your SNES controller....what about your Nintendo SNES Classic console? Have no fear. The Thrifter team bought one already, and we'll be giving it away soon! Stay tuned on Twitter and Instagram for details.

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