Everybody loves music, but what we love even more is discounted, or even FREE music to add and download to our extensive music libraries that we so endear. Aside from promotional deals that sign up to a music service where you can listen to just about anything found in your own library, there are other ways to save money on your purchased music (if you purchase your music from iTunes).

What I mean is, there is actually no reason to pay full price for an iTunes gift card; henceforth giving yourself discounted, or free music, depending on how much music you're purchasing and what you're buying (albums or singles) when you buy your music with that preloaded card instead of your debit or credit card.

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There are a few tricks in the game of course. I've done the research and found out how, when and where to get your discounted iTunes gift cards so you will never be without your favorite jamz.

First of all, know when to shop for your gift cards. Stock up a few hundred dollars at a time. (Wait till we get to the discounts, it will be worth your stash). So, October through December tends to be the best times of the year, although there are typically about three deals per month in any given season. Think of all the savings, the gifting options for the holidays and beyond, the holiday albums! Ahem…

If you're an online shopper, search all your favorite couponing sites for iTunes gift card deals. There may not be actual coupon codes, but you will be sure to learn who is holding the best deals during any given promotion. Look for the best deals at the PayPal digital store on eBay where you can almost always find $100 gift cards for only $85. Target offers BOGO deals most of the time, and Staples is often the place to be when these cards go on 'sale'. Costco members will find savings just over 15% on iTunes gift cards in $25, $100, and $200 increments.

Now, the real deal is the 15% discount when the deals are available. Sometimes, or some places you may even see 20% off. Grab those quick, neither will they last long nor will there be many gift cards available at that discount location. When you begin your hunt, look for $100 gift cards. It's really the most bang for the buck. At a minimum 15% discount, you're getting $100 worth of music for just $85!

Add up the savings and add up your music to see the deep discounts at work.

Also, keep in mind that this method of shopping for music will help you keep yourself on a budget for your music purchasing habits. And technically, in this fast streaming era in which we now live, it's a great idea to keep yourself on an actual budget as music comes available to us rapidly and endlessly. Using these 'pre-set' dollar amounts that you have already purchased with your gift cards, that you saved so much money on, will only give you more reason to have all your favorite songs organized in a fresh new playlist each week.

For all you Apple Music/iTunes users out there, this really is one of the greatest deals on the planet! Get yours and explore the world of harmony.